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Powercon Field Service Engineering

Powercon’s expert Field Service Staff has mastered those demanding techniques for the proper installation, maintenance, and emergency repairs of power distribution equipment. Our competent seasoned veterans are factory-trained and backed up with the problem-solving expertise of the entire Powercon Corporation. The full resources of Powercon are immediately available with a support structure deep enough to recognize and resolve the subsystem problems. To find a Field Service Engineer in your area, visit our directory of Regional Field Representatives.

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Emergency Service: A Case History – 24 Hour Call-In Service

A major textile plant in South Carolina is put out of operation due to extensive lightning damage to 5kV metal-enclosed switchgear, which shattered 3000A 5kV roof bushings and heavily damaged the switchgear.

Powercon was able to get the plant back in service over the weekend.

Here’s Why:

  • An inventory of porcelain, copper round stock, raw materials, insulation, and other parts commonly used in primary distribution equipment.
  • A workforce unrestricted and willing to do what is required to satisfy the customer. This includes all levels of the organization from salaried engineers and manufacturing supervisors, to the skilled craftsmen in the shop – some worked around the clock.
  • Proficient artisans who have at their disposal, machinery and equipment to manufacture parts from working drawings, verbal instructions or duplication existing remains of damaged parts.
  • Innovative engineers who understand equipment application and field installation. These engineers have a working familiarity with a wide variety of manufacturer’s equipment.
  • An order entry and manufacturing system with the flexibility to handle an unusual emergency burnout on the telephone.

Powercon Maintenance Programs

Proper preventive maintenance programs made on a periodic basis, is excellent insurance to assure the highest degree of electric power and safety of personnel.

Portions of a good maintenance program:

  • Training of personnel
  • Diagnostic testing for insulation deterioration
  • Heating of conductors, components, and their joints

Our investigation includes:

  • High Current Testing
  • Ground Testing
  • Relay Calibration
  • Power Supply Changes


  • Normal Cleaning
  • Continuity Verification
  • Hardware Inspection
  • Proper Component Performance

Rebuild, Repair, Rehabilitate, and Recondition Existing Switchgear

Onsite reconditioning is a relatively inexpensive method of preventing an unscheduled costly outage. This can be done with a minimum or even no outage time (depending on the circumstance). Items such as:

  • Recalibrating or replacing protective devices
  • Replacing decaying insulation systems
  • Repairing or adjusting circuit interrupting devices
  • General rehabilitation
  • Are far less costly and time consuming than entire replacement or unscheduled outage problems.

The decline of switchgear performance can be attributed to:

  • Increased short circuit availability
  • Changes in environment
  • General insulation deterioration
  • Changes in loading
  • Aging of components
  • Natural wear and tear

These will ultimately cause failures with serious loss of production or provide unsafe working conditions.