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Powercon - 38kv wind

38kV Metal Clad Switchgear

This advanced switchgear line is completely factory built, wired, and assembled. Each cubicle may contain the circuit breaker, bus bars, primary and secondary disconnecting devices, instrument transformers, instruments and relays, secondary wiring and other necessary components. The switchgear is designed so that additional circuit breaker or auxiliary cubicles may be added in the future.

  • Vacuum interrupters with stored energy operating mechanism
  • Primary disconnecting device
  • Secondary disconnecting devices
  • Auxiliary switches
  • Ground contacts
  • Control wiring
  • Interlocks

In addition to the standard equipment described, custom engineered switchgear is offered to meet individual purchaser needs. With a highly skilled professional engineering-manufacturing team, an organizational entity has been developed to provide the material and services our customers require. The engineering staff-application-product design – development – manufacturing – has achieved the extensive system experience and knowledge required in the application, manufacture, delivery, and services of Power Systems Switchgear.

This product is the result of seasoned technical efforts combined with the well versed, skilled, competent, veteran work force exerting their combined efforts to provide the best in service and equipment. Our membership in NEMA, ANSI, and IEEE keeps us up to date on the ever changing standards so that we meet today’s exacting demands. Form the guidance of highly qualified engineering management focusing its attention on sound imaginative technical practices, has come the creative achievements and flexibility that has given Powercon a worldwide reputation for top quality switchgear and service.

The proven performance of Metal-Clad Switchgear with vacuum circuit breakers is attested to by the great numbers of equipment that have seen service.

Technical data such as dimensions, weights, shipping, and miscellaneous information is available upon request from Powercon’s Sales Department. Powercon reserves the right to make such changes as necessary.

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  • Date: November 28, 2018
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