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Powercon Key Interlock System

An interlock system is a series of key interlocks applied to associated equipment in such a manner as to allow operation of the equipment only in a prearranged sequence. Interlocks are applicable to practically any field wherein human life or property is endangered, by an improper operation or improper sequence of operations.

The Powercon Key Interlock System is a simple, easy method of applying individual key interlock units and assemblies to electrical switchgear assemblies requiring operation in predetermined sequence.

Construction Specifics:

The interlock housings are made of high strength aluminum alloys and are designed for mounting with 3/8″ bolts. The locking bolt is 5/8″ diameter high strength aluminum alloy.

The lock is a special 7-pin tumbler lock, simple and rugged in construction. The lock housing is 7/8″ diameter. The key has an ample finger grip of distinctive patter. The lock number is stamped on the face of the lock and also on the key. It is a serial number applying to the lock combination and is used as a record for possible replacement and extension of systems.

All Powercon Key Interlocks can be provided with SPST, SPDT, or DPDT switches as required. Multiple type interlocks can be provided for all of the Powercon Key Interlock Systems. In addition, Powercon can manufacture special types of interlocks upon customer request.

  • Date: November 28, 2018
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